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  1. Welcome back Glenn, Well I remember you.... :P I had the tourmallard green Mk6 Escort Rs2000, but have sold that and now running around in a Mk6 Fiesta ST.
  2. Its got even worse now as I've had to leave because there is a MESS up over whether I am security cleared and they are trying to sort it. TBH I'm fed up with the whole thing and just want to tell them not to bother and they can shove the job up their ****
  3. Got some new wheels for the car last night..... can't wait to get some rubber on them and fitted. What do you think.? I might fit one over the weekend to get an idea what they'll look like. In the mean-time I might have to fit the charcoal grey mondeo rims unless someone wants to buy them off me. ;)
  4. Hope its all sorted now Chris. Have you started sticker bombing the car yet.? LOL
  5. Well 5 weeks and four days in a still no work to do. Time to start looking for a new job I think. can't cope with this boredom much longer, the only upside is that I'm getting paid.
  6. Might be worth sticking some photos up to give people an idea what its like.
  7. Yeah I know, and they've told me it could be another two weeks before they sort everything and I can actually do some proper work.... LOL
  8. Hi Ben, Welcome to the mad house.... Its pretty quiet on her most of the time, but its still a great club to be apart of and we visit loads of shows an stuff so hopefully you'll get along to some of those with us too. Nice looking car too. As Gemma says the best person to speak to is Mike as he owes(d) a Scooby as well. Get some more details and some photos up too when you can.
  9. Well not much for me other than drive the car. I have two sets of spare wheels in the garage, one set are seven spoke Ford rims on Silver and the others are Charcoal grey mondeo Zetec rims that I used to have fitted to the RS. Nothing else planned until I have the funds to sort the suspension out as want to replace them with Eibach units, along with some Poly ARB bushes, and drop links. Ohhhhh nearly forget it'll have a new number plate on it soon too.
  10. Wellllllll if I have my way all I intend to do is lower it on Eibach springs from Graham Goode Racing (http://shop.grahamgoode.com/suspension-23905-c.asp) then I want a front splitter and rear diffuser from Triple R Concepts (see my link on Facebook) maybe some wind deflectors and an ST badge on one of the front grills. Other than that I don't plan to do much other than service it, look after it, and drive it......
  11. Hellllllllllooooooooooo where is everyone today. I'm at work and bored as hell, because they still wont let me do any work.
  12. Well it is in the BEST colour too. ;) And you'll see it at TRAX as well ;)
  13. Fingers crossed I'll be there....
  14. Why thanks.... Heehee.!!! I'm loving it TBH. Just need to get it along to a few shows. LOL
  15. Yep thats right I got a new car.....