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RS2000 Conversion

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  1. well it blow up again so its sat up on my driveway with no engine, no box as thats shot too, no subframe or hubs as changing it all to use a MTX75 when i have the money to build another engine
  2. offers??
  3. Ford Fiesta MK3 lock set in box New. Complete lock set. Original Equipment 1012755 Consists of: tailgate, ignition, petrol cap barrel, LH/ RH door locks. Fits all models 1989 to 1996. looking for £45.00 delivered ono file from archive (as identical to item listed) same item as this as i bought it from them in error for my mk5 thinking it would fit but they dont retails at £54.45 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fiesta-lock-set-MK3-/260906528173?pt=UK_Car_Accessories_Safety_Security&hash=item3cbf3dadad
  4. b00bies make me smile
  5. mk5 none cosworth morrettes mk5 rs2000 rear bumper no skirt 1400cvh head, xr3i 90spec head, think i have a couple more pic of a head just for demo some lean and some rish head mondy rims (£60) also have mk6 mirrors Manuel 1.4cvh inlet manifold and carb body (broken advancer pump) mk5 rs2000 skirts mk5 rs2000 wheels 17 inch walf race warriors OPEN TO OFFERS ON ALL ITEMS can get more pics
  6. mk5 disk beam dash vent (also other bits of trim) misk switchs side reps passenger door mk5 mk5 rs2000 spoiler mk5 standard bonnet
  7. mk5 mirrors rs2000 both sides footwell lights delay relays mk5 rear lights mk5 smoked lights ebay special thanks scott
  8. well thats just gay
  9. i will be poping over tho to say hi dont worry
  10. to late now have booked with another club
  11. i need a ticket, stand pass and camping asap
  12. oh update on my car got RS7 Dimiond Cut in 15's on the car now Cosworth round side reps just fitted my RS mud flaps new passenger front wheel bearing and new mintex pads fitted up front but oil pump seams to be on the way out and the lifters are ratling like a cu*t so new lifter on order and pump to be ordered end of the week also a nice photolink for u all http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=6511191&l=122f0d9283&id=643571434
  13. getting up there for 8ish
  14. got my ticket through today :P
  15. grandad roy :P