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RS2000 Conversion

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  1. offers??
  2. Ford Fiesta MK3 lock set in box New. Complete lock set. Original Equipment 1012755 Consists of: tailgate, ignition, petrol cap barrel, LH/ RH door locks. Fits all models 1989 to 1996. looking for £45.00 delivered ono file from archive (as identical to item listed) same item as this as i bought it from them in error for my mk5 thinking it would fit but they dont retails at £54.45 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fiesta-lock-set-MK3-/260906528173?pt=UK_Car_Accessories_Safety_Security&hash=item3cbf3dadad
  3. mk5 none cosworth morrettes mk5 rs2000 rear bumper no skirt 1400cvh head, xr3i 90spec head, think i have a couple more pic of a head just for demo some lean and some rish head mondy rims (£60) also have mk6 mirrors Manuel 1.4cvh inlet manifold and carb body (broken advancer pump) mk5 rs2000 skirts mk5 rs2000 wheels 17 inch walf race warriors OPEN TO OFFERS ON ALL ITEMS can get more pics
  4. mk5 disk beam dash vent (also other bits of trim) misk switchs side reps passenger door mk5 mk5 rs2000 spoiler mk5 standard bonnet
  5. mk5 mirrors rs2000 both sides footwell lights delay relays mk5 rear lights mk5 smoked lights ebay special thanks scott
  6. bump
  7. Set Of Mondy Rims With Caps And Stubby Valves i have a spare set of these now so looking to sell them, 16inch mondy rims, 6.5j i think not 100% all need to be tidy up, and one center caps missing its clips so make me an offer can post at extra cost
  8. as above in dier need of a 130 spec flywheel for mtx75 needs to have the trigger wheel on it and be in good condition my ib5 has done 2nd and 3rd and only have my rs2000 box spare
  9. i wouldnt waste my flamer kits just unburnt fuel and cutting the engine i wouldnt put a hole in my mongoose system othere then a wideband lambda kit
  10. shes back at her old tricks now shes run in :P
  11. even better got my tax today and my god dose this 1.6 shift on the slippy stuff it was spinning up and reving right up the clock and i wasnt even trying i was so used to the 1.4 having no guts
  12. right as most of you know my car has been modded in almost every aspect and now it has a xr3i 1.6 engine in there with a carb head and xr2 carb when i renewed i told them about the 1.6 engine said it was a 105spec (to cover my ****) but the car was down as standard other then that so i was paying £513 a year 2nd year a driving at 22 years old so declared all the mods i have done, dont think i have missed anything and guess what there charging me £513 a year
  13. as above im after a cam for my 1.6 cvh looking for something like a kent 22 or equivalent cheep or swaps? cheeRS1400 Conversion
  14. Offers on everything dont be shy (i have an idea what id like for things) 1600 efi head 1600 bare block (no cps hole) 1600 pistons on rods(good condition) 1600 crank mfi manifold mfi fuel rail and lines 1400 carb head ( 81k ) 1400 bare block (with cps hole) (crank still fit atm) 1400 pistons on rods (no blow by [but big end failed on number one so would advise inspecting number 1 rod first]) 1400 crank (my need to be re-ground) 1400 weber 28/32 carb and manifold 2 cvh sumps old but solid and pick up pipes efi/turbo? rocker cover kent 32 cam (will check condition) will add more as i find it CheeRS2000 Conversion