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  1. Chunkiegg added a topic in Your Projects   

    Focus Mk1 Estate.... "nah It's A Daily Runner, Not Going To Get Modified.....";)
    Well, as I mentioned in my previous thread about the cars I've owned over the last several years, I decided to sell Silva after finding more rust and knew that it would cost too much to get her how I wanted it, so we decided to trade her in for a Focus Estate. 
      We needed a practical car that would be happy lugging around a mobility scooter and take the weekly shopping home and the Focus fitted the bill perfectly.    Now... the plan was to keep it standard and spend as little as possible..... 6 months later and I've changed the dented front wing, bought some tyres and about to put the Team Dynamics Citys on that were on Silva but haven't sold.... oh and it now has ST170 front seats lol   Anyways, here's some pics of how it's been going....   totally standard iirc...   FordMNX got me some orange gel badges from DMB... I think orange might be making an appearance... ;)      FordMNX found a 3dr ST170 breaking on the Ford T.E.C facebook group and discovered that the seats were going for a bargain... had to have them!      I still need to wire up the height adjustment but they fit and there are no faults so they can stay like that for a bit whilst I get TRAX out of the way     Finally, after waiting several months for one to turn up on ebay or facebook, I managed to get a wing that was in good shape. The previous owner must have smacked a post or another car and had dented in the wing near the headlight, and the bumper is damaged too- not quite sure how it came about. Anyways, found the wing at one of the local breakers for £18, result!    Was also after the bumper and leather rear seats out of the same car but both were in poor state compared to how they were shown on the breaker's website so that will be the next thing on my agenda!   I had photos of what I did with the DVD player but can't find them at the moment, will update the thread as I go along or find photos     Next up: clean the car, try and deal with the scratches on the sides, fit new wheels  
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  2. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic After Spending Money Getting Silva Through Her Mot...   

    Yeah, getting the new belt tomorrow and hopefully fitting it at the weekend with the help of my bro

    Just the visual issues sorted out next.... plastidip anyone? :p
  3. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic Mondeo Si   

    Would have snapped this up if Silva was on it's last legs, I remember seeing photos of the car when you first bought it
    As Royster said, get some photos up, should help with selling the car
  4. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic After Spending Money Getting Silva Through Her Mot...   

    Well good news is that the noises were the air con pump pulley grinding, my local mobile mechanic took the aux belt off and spun it and it is grinding a fair bit. Plan is to get a shorter aux belt and bypass the air con pump completely until I can afford to get another one but I rarely use air con and it needs re-gassing....
    So glad it's not the water pump, would have meant more fun and games
    Just need to see if the fuel sender from my old fuel pump will fit on my current pump and fingers crossed I should have a fully functioning car again and not havingt to guess how much fuel I have/need
  5. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic Hi New To The Forum   

    Welcome to Modified Performance Ben
    That's a lovely Scoobie you have there, one of the best shaped ones too!  Looking forward to seeing more pics and like what Fordmnx said, M1ke has a 2ltr Impreza so should be able to give any Subaru specific help but we'll all try and help if we can!
  6. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic Winter Plans For Your Cars   

    apart from speakers lol
    Gotta work out how to make the pioneer the slave screen to the philips dvd player as well, might as well make use of it
  7. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic After Spending Money Getting Silva Through Her Mot...   

    Think I may have to start learning how to fix stuff engine wise at this rate and save some money and have another reason to get my backside outside more lol
    Also got that rear arch to check out, might need to find a cheap but pretty good bodywork person to take a look at it as I'm wondering if it's rotting from the inside out or didn't get finished properly when it was replaced
  8. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic Performance Blue - Fiesta St   

    Was great seeing the fezzy at TRAX, looking like a really good base car to work from
    What's the plans for the car?
  9. Chunkiegg added a topic in General   

    After Spending Money Getting Silva Through Her Mot...
    .... days later, I get a grinding noise from the engine bay which seems to be coming from the belt side of the zetec lump.... and sometimes when starting from cold I can hear a loud almost popping noise which goes when I rev the engine.
    Mechanic reckons it's the water pump so hoping he can fix that as well as put a new fuel pump in that will mean I know how much fuel is in the car
    Just thought it's sod's law that I spent money getting rear shocks replaced, some welding done and front ARBs replaced only for something else to go wrong heh
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  10. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic Winter Plans For Your Cars   

    Whoa! Nearly a year to the day since my last post heh
    So far, I've changed the front bumper to an ST one, added in Fordmnx's old DVD headunit and upgraded the front speakers. I've also put leather recaros from an ST200 in as well as leather rear bench, looks so much tidier now!
    For the winter, I'm aiming to get the car tidied up some more, may involve rubbing back a dodgy arch repair and seing why I'm getting weird bubbly bits where the new arch section joins the old rear wing. Also may look at getting the rear drums sprayed and if I'm brave enough, maybe convert to discs and spray front calipers (probably along with the ST's)
    Also playing around with imperial blue trim on the outside, already got the oval grille swapped over, just need the electric mirrors wired in (think I have most of the loom, just need to get it from the doors to the floor) and may even look at spraying up the bump strips and skirts.... see how it goes heh
    Also got a sticker bomb sheet that is begging to be put on ;)
    So got a few plans to keep me busy!
    So what have you guys got planned?
  11. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic Simply Ford - Beaulieu Motor Museum, Hampshire   

    No need to persuade we will be there! just need to figure out what time to get there for as gem doesn't do early lol
  12. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic Daily Chat   

    Oh boy... that could be fun! just having the younger 2 and Dad helping whilst going to Hotham Park was knackering enough!
  13. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic Winter Plans For Your Cars   

    Hopefully Minx will be back soon.... just need to get the prognosis off our mechanic

    Winter list has been started: Silva's exhaust is now less ASBO thanks to my bro fitting a Cat back Piper with twin exhaust tips, need to tidy up the bumper where the hole got made bigger but it sounded great driving up to Gem's last night next up hopefully today is fitting the new bumper, check for rot and see if the 6x9 speakers are good to fit in the front doors... Will start a new thread showing progress this evening
  14. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic Daily Chat   

    new exhaust will be fitted tomorrow... might get my bro to do the fuel sender too... what he doesn't know is that he's helping me on sunday with the bumper PMSL! can't bribe him with smokes these days as he's quit.... doesn't drink much either...need some ideas peeps!
  15. Chunkiegg added a post in a topic Daily Chat   

    Good luck with the car fella, I'm going to be putting mine up on gumtree/ebay over the weekend, just need to put the interior together again- took it all out to check for rot and was really surprised as the floor is solid, just that bloody drivers side rear wing where the sill got replaced that has gone grrr